Safe Portfolio

Our client already had an online CPD storage portal targeted at professionals in a range of sectors. Following the introduction of new legislation, impacting healthcare professionals, our client had proactively launched another service offering an online storage portfolio for the revalidation process.

1. Old Identity provided for re-branding and example of brainstorming & concept sketches

The speed of the project launches gave the client little time to focus on the brand identity and messages conveyed, so post-launch they approached us to re-evaluate their brand and help them develop a look and feel that was more in line with the values of the relevant sectors. The new designs needed to inspire confidence, suggest strength, create impact and be recognisable within the industry.

2. Examples of initial concepts, final logos and colour palettes

Development Of The Brand

Our first step was to understand the sector, identify relevant colours and any devices commonly used. A range of alternative routes were presented to the client, with the final branding being selected for its modernity and relevance and the fact that it was transferable across all communications and channels. Within a time frame of 2 months, our team created a range of marketing communications, including infographics to explain and promote the service, branded emails to promote the service to potential users, social media graphics to boost their online presence and a range of printed material to provide information and enhance the sale of the service.

3. Print material and infographics

The client also required a stand to create a buzz at the main expo within the healthcare industry. We designed an impressive stand with stunning graphics and a video wall, which our Events team handled and set up. Branded promotional goods complemented the stand, with an introductory animation explaining the service devised by our Digital Designer working closely with the Safe Portfolio team.
The next stage of the project is to provide ongoing marketing support to our client, assisting with marketing campaigns and promotion across all channels.

5. Revalidation Safe website and CPD Safe website back-end design